Many sincere Christians believe that the New Testament teaches that Christ brought to an end the principle and practice of Sabbath keeping, and instituted Sunday keeping instead. To test the validity of this popular view, Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi has devoted many years of painstaking research in Vatican libraries in Rome, examining the earliest Christian documents. The results of his investigation are found in his dissertation first published in 1977 by the Pontifical Gregorian University Press, in Rome, Italy.

In the book The Sabbath in the New Testament Dr. Bacchiocchi summarizes and updates his extensive research by presenting four basic reasons for his belief in the permanence of the principle and practice of Sabbath keeping in the New Testament. These reasons are presented in a simple and clear way which ordinary people can understand.

In the second half of the book Dr. Bacchiocchi answers a wide variety of questions people have often asked him in conjunction with his popular Lord’s Day Seminar. The questions deal with historical, theological and practical aspects of Sabbath keeping. This section, entitled "Answers to Questions," makes the book a most valuable reference manual to deal with the most frequently asked questions about the Sabbath.

To the delight of many the new and enlarged edition includes also a chapter prepared by Mrs. Bacchiocchi which contains a selection of 20 of her family’s favorite Italian Sabbath recipes.

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The Continuity
Between Judaism and Christianity

Sabbath keeping in the New Testament

Questions about the Sabbath in the Old Testament

Questions About the Sabbath in the New Testament


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