How can one find inner peace and rest in our tension-filled, restless society? In Divine Rest for Human Restlessness Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi shows how the values of the Biblical Sabbath provide a divine remedy to such contemporary problems as stress, restlessness, ecological crisis, marital tensions, human rights and competitive pressures.

The Foreword is written by Dr. James P. Wesberry, the Executive Director of the Lord’s Day Alliance of the U. S. A. He praises the book as "tremendous in scope, greatness and influence." He adds, "No one, no matter of what faith or denomination he or she may be, can read this book without finding divine rest for his or her restlessness."

Divine Rest for Human Restlessness is written in a simple and devotional style with numerous illustrations. One reviewer called it "a spiritual diamond mine which grips the learned and delights the unsophisticated." It is designed to help believers discover how to make Sabbath keeping a joyful celebration of God’s creative and redemptive love.

Since its publication, Divine Rest has been reprinted numerous times in English and has been translated in a dozen languages, helping thousands to find divine peace and rest in their restless lives.

Four of the eight chapters can be accessed by clicking their titles below:

The Sabbath: Good News of Perfect Creation

The Sabbath: Good News of Belonging

The Sabbath: Good News of Redemption

The Sabbath: Good News of Service


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