There is hardly a Christian family that directly or indirectly has not known the pain of divorce. An important factor contributing to the alarming escalation of divorce among Christians is the growing acceptance of the societal view of marriage as a social contract governed by the laws of the land rather than as a sacred covenant regulated by the higher moral law of God.

In The Marriage Covenant Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi challenges Christians to reject the secularization and easy-dissolution of marriage by accepting instead the Biblical view of marriage as a sacred, life-long covenant. This important book is designed to strengthen your Christian home through a recovery of those Biblical principles established by God to ensure happy and lasting marital relationships.

Some of the significant questions examined in the book are: What guidance does the Bible offer on how to build up a strong marriage covenant relationship? What is the Biblical role of the husband and the wife? Does the Bible view the function of sex as exclusively procreational or also as relational? Are there Biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage? Is a Christian who remarries guilty of continuous adultery? Should a minister marry divorced people and should remarried people be accepted automatically into church membership? These are some of the questions examined with sound Biblical scholarship and in a style that most people can understand.


Five of the eight chapters can be accessed by clicking their titles below:

The Institution of Marriage

How to Live Out the Marriage Covenant

Marriage and Sex

Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible

Divorce and Remarriage Today


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