In every age men and women have bedecked and bejeweled their bodies with colorful cosmetics, costly jewelry, and eye-catching clothes. This is especially true today when the sexual revolution has given rise to a fashion industry that markets clothes, jewelry, and cosmetics especially designed to feed pride, vanity, and sex.

In Christian Dress and Adornment Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi reminds us that while clothes do not make a Christian, Christians do reveal their identity through their clothes and appearance. The Bible does not prescribe a standardized dress for Christian men and women, but it calls us to follow the simplicity and unpretentiousness of Jesus’ lifestyle, even in our clothes and appearance. The Christian priority is not the external decoration of the body with costly clothes and ornaments, but the internal beautification of the soul with the love of Christ.

This book examines the Biblical teachings regarding dress, cosmetics, and ornaments. Seven basic principles regarding dress and adornment are developed from a careful analysis of the relevant Biblical passages. Two chapters address the specific questions of the wedding ring and of the unisex fashion promoted today. Christian Dress and Adornment is an important book designed to help Christians distinguish between the capricious mode that changes and the sensible style that remains.


Five of the nine chapters can be accessed by clicking their titles below:

The Importance of Outward Appearance

Dress and Ornaments in the Old Testament

Dress and ornaments in the New Testament

A Look at the Wedding Ring

Principles of Christian Dress and Adornment


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