"Lessons from the Sanctuary"

Roy E. Gane, Ph. D.,

Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages

Director of the Ph.D./Th.D. and M.Th. programs

The SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University.



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"The Burn Offering Sacrifice"

      Roy E. Gane, Ph.D.

      Prof. of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages

      Director, Ph.D./Th.D. and M.Th. Programs

      Andrews University Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary

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      The fifth chapter of Popular Beliefs: Are they Biblical? is almost completed. It is entitled "Purgatory." I was hoping to post it today before leaving for England, but I still need 60 to 70 hours of undisturbed peace to finish this 30-35 pages chapter.  My plan is to email this chapter from London early next week in the next newsletter.  I look forward to another peaceful research retreat in the home of Gary and Araxi Keshishian, where I have stayed about 20 times. If your travel plans call for a visit or a stop in London, feel free to contact Gary and Araxi. They will offer you an enjoyable Bed & Breakfast at a reasonable price. Their email is gary@advent.plus.com.


      I view this chapter on "Purgatory," as most important, because the doctrine of purgatory offers the clearest understanding of the Catholic system of salvation as a dispensation of her church. In many ways, purgatory shows how the Catholic Church administers salvation, by claiming the authority to shorten or even to release altogether souls from the fiery punishment and purification of purgatory.  I look forward to finish and share with you this chapter.


      Several subscribers told me that the last chapter on "Hell as Eternal Torment," was for them the best I have written so far. Well, I have reasons to believe that the new chapter on "Purgatory" to be completed this week, may prove to be even better.


      I truly enjoy working on this manuscript for two major reasons. First, because I believe that this book is urgently needed to help sincere truth seekers to understand why some of the popular beliefs are unbiblical and why are Adventist beliefs are biblically correct. The second reason I am excited about this project is because I have received many messages of encouragements.  In fact, as I already told, some fellow believers have promised to finance the printing of this book in order to make it available simply for the cost of mailing.


      This means that if sufficient funds are received to cover the editing and printing costs of Popular Beliefs: Are They Biblical?, the book will be offered  for only the cost of shipping and handling, that is, about $2.00 to 3.00 a copy, instead of the regular price of $25.00 for a book of this size. If the funds received cover only part of the printing costs, then the price will be adjusted accordingly.


      If you feel impressed to contribute to this project, feel free to contact me.  I will tell you where to send your contribution, so that you can receive a tax deductible receipt.





      Coming from Italy, the land of great tenors and sopranos, my wife and I enjoy immensely listening to outstanding singers. How often have I wished that the Lord had given me a powerful tenor voice to enhance my presentations of our timely Adventist message!


      Our Adventist Church has been blessed with many good singers, but only very few outstanding tenors and sopranos. Over the years I have been dreaming and praying that the Lord would help me find an outstanding singer interested to enhance my weekend seminars with sacred songs.


      My dream came true on Saturday, October 6, 2007, when I listened spellbound to Cristina Piccardi singing with her incredibly powerful soprano voice three times during the worship service of Andrews University Pioneer Memorial Church (PMC). In recent months Cristina has been invited 9 times to sing during the Sabbath worship services of PMC.  Dr. Kenneth Logan, PMC organist, told me  that he has scheduled Cristina to sing at PMC more than any other singer, because of her exceptional lyric soprano voice. Unfortunately, I have not been priviledged to enjoy her singing on previous Sabbaths, because I am away almost every weekend preaching across North America and overseas.


      When I met Cristina a week ago after the divine service, we both immediately felt that the Lord was bringing us together in a providential way. She told me that she had turned down invitations to sing in a leading role with well-known symphonic orchestras, because she has decided to dedicate the gift of her voice to sing the love of God. But so far the opportunities for her singing ministry have been limited to a few local churches.


      I commended her for her decision and reassured her that I was ready to help her in two ways: First, by releasing immediately a DVD album containing the dozen of sacred songs she has already sang at PMC and by sponsoring some new recordings. Second, by offering her the opportunity to sing during my weekend seminars.


      Cristina responded enthusiastically to the proposal, and in an emotional tone she confessed that she had began questioning her decision to give up an opera-singer career, because it seemed that the demand for her singing ministry was limited mostly to the local churches, where she sings mostly on Sabbath morning, when it is inappropriate to offer her DVD album. This means that she took a minimum wage job as a receptionist to be able to support herself and her husband who is studying at the Seminary.


      I reassured Cristina that soon things will change. In fact even this past Sabbath (October 13, 2007) at the Sunnyside SDA Church in Washington, I played on a large screen before my sermon her video recording of the song The Holy City. The congregation was ecstatic and asked me to play it again before my afternoon final lecture. After the close of the Sabbath many were eager to purchase both her CD and DVD albums. My plan is to invite her to sing live when I speak in large congregations that can afford to pay for her airfare, and to use her video recordings when I speak in smaller congregations.  


Who is Cristina Piccardi?


      In my view Cristina is the best Adventist lyric soprano I have ever heard in my life. Surprising she is a slim, only 120 pounds, 5.6 feet—not the typical heavy-set soprano. My wife asked her: How can you sing with such a powerful voice when you are so slim?  She replied: "It is God's gift."


      Cristina was born in South Brazil 25 years ago, but has a distinctive Italian name and cultural heritage. She speaks fluently Italian because she spent the summers of 2003, 2004, and 2005 in Italy,  participating in a special program for operatic singers. The program gave her the opportunity  to be coached by leading international tenors and sopranos. This training contributed enormously to improve the quality of her vocal performances.


      Already as a teenager she loved to sing about the love of God in churches, schools, and public events. At the age of 18 she won the Young Artists Competition for the Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra in Brazil, singing for the first time with a Symphonic Orchestra that invited her again the following year to sing in a sacred music concert.


      In 2003 Cristina completed her Batchelor of Music in Voice Performance at the Federal  University of Rio Grande do  Sul in Brazil.  Desirous to perfect her singing skills, she came to the USA to enroll for a  Master of Music in Voice Performance at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, where she received full scholarship during the two years of her studies, graduating in December of 2005.


      In the same year she performed with symphonic orchestras in the USA and overseas. At the Annual Opera Festival in Polovdiv, Bulgaria, she won the first prize in the Puldin 2005 International Competition for Opera Singers.


      After spending 5 years singing leading soprano roles with various orchestras in the USA and overseas, Cristina felt God’s call to devote her life to sing sacred music. Her beautiful lyric soprano voice expresses her passion for the Lord and touches the hearts of people everywhere.


      Cristina has worked as a choir director both in Brazil and in the United States and has taught voice at Andrews University in Michigan.


      At this time I consider it a real honor and privilege to offer you two newly released audio and video albums of Cristina's singing at Andrews University. These albums that will thrill and inspire you. Here is a brief description of the two albums:


THE FIRST ALBUM is an AUDIO CD recording entitled REJOICE IN THE LORD. It contains 11 audio Gospel songs like How Great Thou Art, He Shall Feed His Flock, Softly and Tenderly, The Holy City, etcs. This is an audio recording that you can play in your car CD player, or on any CD players you have in your home.


THE SECOND ALBUM is a VIDEO DVD recording entitled SING UNTO THE LORD. It contains 12  sacred familiar songs that were recorded live during the recent Sabbath worship services of Andrews University Pioneer Memorial Church, in Michigan. This is a video recording that you can enjoy in your living room or church.


Special Introductory Offer for the Two CD and DVD albums:


      The regular price of the two albums is $50.00 for the AUDIO CD ALBUM and $100.00 for the VIDEO DVD ALBUM. But we are pleased to offer you at this time THE TWO ALBUMS AT THE SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER OF ONLY $50.00 for both of them, instead of $150.00.


How to Order the Package of the Two Albums:


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      If you or your church are looking for a professional and reasonable Adventist  to tape, edit, duplicate, and distribute video sermons, seminars, or lectures, I highly recommend to you my assistant, Eric Halder, who has served me with distinction these past five years.


      He has been responsible for editing my video lectures, maintaining my website, uploading graphics and newsletters, designing the cover of my books, duplicating, packaging, and mailing all my  CD/DVD albums and books.


      He has earned a B. A. Degree in multimedia from Andrews University in 2003. He has worked for several years as video editor with Lighthouse Productions and REACH international.


      If you feel that Eric Halder can assist you or your church in any video production or would like to donate to this ministry, feel free to contact him at (269) 277-1015  or email him at halder@preludefilms.com. For further information visit his website at http://www.preludefilms.com/ The website will be online in a few days, so please check then.



Samuele Bacchiocchi, Ph. D.,

Retired Professor of Theology and Church History


      This short newsletter is excerpted from the book Altar Call by Roy E. Gane, Ph. D. I view Prof. Roy Gane as the Adventist authority on the sanctuary in the same way as I regard Prof. Jon Paulien as the Adventist authority on the book of Revelation. During the Christmas school brake, we plan for a special video recording of Prof. Gane's popular lectures on the sanctuary.


      The short chapter posted in this newsletter, offers you a sample of Prof. Gane's  marvellous insights into the typological meaning of the sanctuary service and its relevance for our Christian life today.


      To purchase Altar Call, please visit your local ABC Christian Book Center or mail a check payable to Roy Gane for $15/copy (includes postage) to:





        BERRIEN SPRINGS, MI 49104-1500


      For more information regarding Altar Call (message, summary, sample contents, features, comments, ordering information) please visit my web site: http://www.andrews.edu/~gane/altar.html


Who is Prof. Roy Gane?


      Prof. Roy Gane is Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Director of the Ph.D./Th.D. and M.Th. programs at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University.


      He was born in Sydney, Australia and graduated from Pacific Union College in 1977 with a B.A. in theology and a B.Mus. in piano performance. He completed his M.A. (1983) and Ph.D. (1992) in Hebrew language and literature at the University of California and taught in the Religion Department of Pacific Union College from 1992-94 before moving to Andrews University.


      Dr. Gane's academic resumŹ is most impressive. He has authored a number of articles for scholarly and lay readers, Adult Bible Study Guides, two Sabbath School quarterlies on Judges (spring, 1996) and Isaiah (spring, 2004), and six books: God’s Faulty Heroes (Review and Herald, 1996—on stories in Judges); Altar Call (Diadem, 1999—how to interact with Christ in His sanctuary), Ritual Dynamic Structure (Gorgias Press, 2004); the Leviticus, Numbers volume of the NIV Application Commentary series (Zondervan, 2004); Cult and Character: Purification Offerings, Day of Atonement, and Theodicy (Eisenbrauns, 2005); Who’s Afraid of the Judgment? (Pacific Press, 2006—how God’s judgment reveals His character).


      Having specialized in the biblical sanctuary services, Gane is particularly interested in applying insights from them to modern spiritual life and to the SDA understanding of how Christ saves His people. He is a frequent feature speaker at camp meetings and workers’ meetings.


      Dr. Gane’s interest in the ancient Near East is shared by his wife, Connie Clark Gane. Together they have studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and participated in archaeological excavations in Iraq and Jordan. Connie is in the dissertation phase of her Ph.D. in Mesopotamian archaeology at the University of California, Berkeley, and is teaching in the Seminary. The Ganes have a teenage daughter, Sarah, and live in Berrien Center, Michigan with two dogmatic dogs, two cats, a chicken, and a duck.


      For me Dr. Gane is a kind and gracious Christian gentleman, who loves the Lord and serves students and people with patience and dedication.



"The Burn Offering Sacrifice"

Roy E. Gane, Ph.D.

Prof. of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages

Director, Ph.D./Th.D. and M.Th. Programs

Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary

Andrews University,  Berrien Springs, MI 49104-1500

office phone: 269-471-6576, home phone: 269-461-6309

email: gane@andrews.edu


      My wife’s parents love the people of Nepal. They lived for a number of years in that country, where my father-in-law worked as a physician. Recently they returned to Nepal, and even though they were almost seventy years of age, they hiked for eleven hours over the rugged foothills of the Himalaya mountains to reach a remote village. There at a small clinic they relieved some younger workers, who needed to get away and rest.


      When the people of villages in the region heard that there was a physician in the area, they flocked to the clinic. Many were in pitiful condition, with serious illnesses and injuries. My father-in-law has a kind heart, so he worked day and night rather than turn people away. He became seriously exhausted, but continued to treat patients in spite of the fact that his work of mercy was consuming his health.


      Christ’s work of mercy completely consumed Him. This and other meanings were expressed by the burnt offering sacrifice.


Burnt Offering Sacrifice:  Completely Consumed


      Except for the hide, which went to the officiating priest (Lev 7:8), the body of the burnt offering was completely consumed on the altar (1:8-9). This is a fitting symbol of Christ, who offered Himself on the cross as a sacrifice for us (see Heb 7:27).


Foundation Sacrifice


      John the Baptist introduced Jesus as “the Lamb of God” (Jn 1:29). John could have referred to Christ as “the Bull of God,” the “Ram of God” or the “Goat of God.” But John chose the expression “Lamb of God.” Why? For one thing, Isaiah had prophesied that God’s Servant, who would suffer for our sins (Isa 53:5), would be “like a lamb that is led to the slaughter” (verse 7). Also, the foundational sacrifice of the Israelite sacrificial system was the regular burnt offering, consisting of a lamb in the morning and a lamb in the evening (Num 28:1-8). All other sacrifices were performed in addition to this. By calling Jesus the Lamb, John implied that Jesus is the basic sacrifice, as if to say: “Here is the One who fulfills the role of the whole sacrificial system!”

Sin laid on Him


      The first action of a private burnt offering was to lay one hand on the head of the animal to identify the offerer who was giving the sacrifice and who would receive atonement as a result (Lev 1:4). The fact that the offerer laid his/her hand on the animal points to the role of Christ that Isaiah prophesied: “Surely he has borne our infirmities and carried our diseases” (Isa 53:4). Christ atones for us by taking our troubles upon Himself. 


Ransom, Redemption


      Leviticus 17:11 speaks of sacrificial blood making atonement for the lives of the Israelites, that is, ransoming their lives. Instead of dying, a person offered a sacrifice in which blood, representing life, constituted payment of a ransom. Since the blood represented Christ’s blood, it is clear that Christ’s blood has the function of ransoming sinful human beings, as explicitly indicated by the New Testament (1 Pet 1:18-19; compare Matt 20:28; Mk 10:45; 1 Tim 2:6).


      A number of biblical passages use the terminology of “redemption” with reference to what Christ and His blood accomplished (for example Eph 1:7; 1 Cor 1:30). “Redemption” is clearly a legal concept (compare Lev 25:25). So is the idea of forgiving/releasing debt, which appears in the Lord’s Prayer as an expression of the forgiveness that God gives through Christ’s sacrifice (Matt 6:12). If you have any doubt that debt is a legal matter, just read the fine print on your loan papers!


His Life for Our Lives


      The ransom or redemption price that Christ paid was Himself. He gave his perfect life for our sinful lives. Just as animal sacrifices were to be physically unblemished (Lev 1:3; 22:17-25), Christ was morally unblemished in that He did not sin (Heb 4:15). But by allowing Himself to be a sacrificial victim, Christ died in place of sinners (Isa 53:5, 10).


      King David offered to bear divine retribution in place of those who had been numbered and were about to die as a result of the census that he had ordered (2 Sam 24:17). Christ not only offered, “he poured out himself to death, and was numbered with the transgressors; yet he bore the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors” (Isa 53:12).


      2 Corinthians 5:21 is even more powerful: God “made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” Imagine that! In a sense, Christ became sin! He bore every evil passion and selfish degradation of the billions of people who have ever inhabited our planet. With that overwhelming deluge of misery collected upon Him and identified with Him as if He were the personification of all evil, He gave Himself up for destruction in order to wipe out all sin and all of its consequences.


      Now we can understand what Jesus said to Nicodemus: “And just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in him may have eternal life” (Jn 3:14-15). Jesus was referring to the time when the Israelites sinned and they were punished by means of poisonous snakes, which bit them so that they died. When they repented and Moses prayed for them, the Lord directed him to make a statue of a snake and set it on a pole so that those who were bitten could look at it, and by doing so they would live (Num 21:8-9).


      The snake statue did not heal anyone by itself. It was not magic. God healed people who expressed faith by looking to the symbol that He had provided. Symbol of what? By identifying Himself with the snake statue, Jesus pointed to Himself, lifted up on the cross, as the ultimate source of life for sinners. He is not merely an antidote for snake-bite. He gives life that is eternal.


      Why should Jesus be represented as a snake, a symbol of misery and death resulting from sin and a reminder of the Satanic serpent that introduced sin to the human race (Gen 3)? Because Jesus allowed Himself to be identified with human evil so that by dying He might destroy it (compare Heb 2:14) and so that by looking we might live.


God’s Gift


      The Hebrew word translated “burnt offering” literally means “ascending.” The offering ascended to God in the form of smoke as a pleasing aroma (Lev 1:9), as if it were incense. Remember that the Hebrew word for turning sacrifices to smoke on the altar is related to the word for “incense.”


      The fact that God received His sacrificial “food” (compare Num 28:2) in the form of smoke showed that He did not really need human food at all (Ps 50:12-13). So the food gifts offered by Israelites were tokens of faith by which they accepted God’s infinitely greater gift of atonement. Christ, to whom the animal sacrifices pointed (Jn 1:29), is not a gift of human beings to God; rather, He is God’s gift to humanity (Jn 3:16). The Israelites were not buying their salvation at all. Ephesians 2:8 was true in Old Testament times: “For by grace you have been saved through faith...”


Ascending for Divine Acceptance


      A burnt offering sent smoke ascending to God for His acceptance (Lev 1:9). Similarly, Christ ascended to heaven to receive acceptance from His Father. When Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene just after His resurrection, He said to her: “Do not hold on to me, because I have not yet ascended to the Father” (Jn 20:17). This verse indicates that after appearing to Mary, Jesus ascended to heaven that day like the smoke from a sacrifice, after which He returned to earth and appeared to His other disciples for several weeks before ascending permanently. Christ’s brief ascension on the day of His resurrection was foreshadowed about 1,000 years earlier when the “Angel of the Lord” ascended in the flame from Manoah’s sacrifice (Judg 13:20).


      Now here is something astounding: Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene before He even went to heaven to have His sacrifice accepted by his Father! Christ interrupted the ascending offering of Himself, the most important event in human history, to comfort one distraught, forgiven sinner: Mary. Unlike Jesus’ disciples, His own family, and the religious leaders of His nation, Mary had understood that Christ’s mission to earth was to save sinners like her, the weakest of the weak. And it was Mary, only Mary, who had anointed Him ahead of time for His burial (Jn 12:1-8).


Jesus is the Ultimate Good Samaritan.


      He didn’t let His rendezvous with destiny keep Him from turning aside to help someone in need. After all, helping people was the reason for His sacrifice in the first place. He didn’t let His work of providing atonement for the whole world, important as it was, prevent Him from caring for Mary’s feelings. What an incredible example of priorities! Do you think He is sensitive enough to care about your feelings?


      Christ has proven that He is totally committed to your salvation. If you ever doubt that God loves you, remember what He has done.





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        These 18 volumes represent for me 30 years of painstaking biblical research designed to help Christians understand and experience more fully those vital truths that God has revealed for our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  My aim is to provide not a cultural but a Biblical perspective on crucial issues we face today. This is why I have chosen BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVES as the logo for my ministry of research.


        You can see the picture of each book and read a brief description of their content at this link:http://www.biblicalperspectives.com/bookoffer.htm


How to Order the Package of Bacchiocchi’s 18 volumes:


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        It is our fervent hope that these publications, the fruit of 30  years of painstaking research, will enrich your understanding and experience of biblical truths.





        At the request of the World's Woman's Christian Temperance Union, a special video taping was professionally done at Andrews University last August 8, 2007, of my powerpoint lecture on The Christian and Alcoholic Beverages.  The lecture summarizes the highlights of my book Wine in the Bible. With the help of 125 powerpoint slides, I share the findings of my research which shows that the Bible clearly teaches total abstinence, and not moderation.


        This lecture was delivered live at the International Convention of the World Woman's Christian Temperance Union, which was held in Indianapolis from September 14-16, 2007. The Grand Ball Room was packed with Temperance Leaders from different parts of the world. I received a standing ovation at the conclusion of my powerpoint presentation.


        In order to make full use of the DVD disk, we video taped also my popular powerpoint lecture entitled How to Build a Happy and Lasting Marriage. This is one of my favorite sermon where I share the highlights of my book The Marriage Covenant, by presenting 10 biblical principles for building a happy and lasting marriage. I use 100 powerpoint slides to deliver this practical lecture, which has been warmly received by congregations in different parts of the world.


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5) Prof. Bacchiocchi's DVD ALBUM containing 10 video powerpoint lectures on the Sabbath and Second Advent.  Some of the lectures show the documents Prof. Bacchiocchi found in Vatican libraries on the role of the papacy in changing the Sabbath to Sunday. This album contains the popular powerpoint SABBATH/ADVENT seminars Prof. Bacchiocchi presents in many countries.


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      Prof. Jon Paulien’s DVD album on SIMPLY REVELATION was released few weeks ago.  We have been airmailing the DVD album to church leaders, pastors, and lay Adventists in different part of the world. Several pastors have already shown the lectures to their congregations.  They wrote to me saying that viewing the lectures was an enlightening experience for their members.


      My wife and I viewed Simply Revelation on our TV on a Sabbath afternoon. Though I had already watched Prof. Paulien’s lectures during the taping session, I was spellbound to hear him again offering so many refreshing insights into the most difficult book of the Bible. For me it is a thrilling experience listening to a scholar like Prof. Paulien, who knows what he is talking about.


      Prof. Paulien is rightly regarded as a leading Adventist authority on the book of Revelation which he has taught at the Seminary for the past 25 years. His doctoral dissertation as well as several of his books deal specifically with the Book of Revelation.


      The constant demand for Prof. Paulien’s CD album with his publications and articles, led me to discuss with him the possibility of producing a live video recording of a mini Revelation Seminar, which he chose to call Simply Revelation. As suggested by its title,  Simply Revelation aims to present simply the message of Revelation—not to read into Revelation sensational, but senseless views.


      The preparation of this video recording took several months. The Simply Revelation seminar consists of four one-hour live video lectures, which have just been recorded in the studio of Andrews University. An impressive virtual studio provides the background of the lectures. Each lecture is delivered with about 50 powerpoint slides.   This mini Revelation seminar will offer you and your congregation fresh insights into the Book of Revelation. Be sure to inform your pastor about the newly released Simply Revelation, if he is not aware of it.


      You will be pleased to know that we have placed on a separate file all the powerpoint slides and the script of the live lecture.  This means that if you are a pastor or a lay member who want to use Prof. Paulien’s Simply Revelation Seminar, you can pick and choose the powerpoint slides that you like.


      The file with the powerpoint slides is placed on Prof. Paulien’s CD album containing all his publications and articles.  The reason is that there was no memory left on the DVD disks.  In spite of my pleas, Prof. Paulien was so full of the subject that he used the full 60 minutes of each lecture, leaving no space for the slides’ file.


      This has been a very expensive project, both in time and money.  The regular price of the DVD album is $100.00, but you can order it now at the introductory price of only $50.00.  The price includes the airmailing expenses to any overseas destination.


      If you have not ordered before the CD Album with Prof. Paulien’s publications, we will be glad to add it to your DVD order for only $20.00, instead of the regular price of $60.00. This means that you can order both the DVD album with Prof. Paulien’s four live video lectures on Simply Revelation and his CD album with all his publications and the powerpoint slides of Simply Revelation, for only $70.00, instead of the regular price of $160.00.


        As an additional incentive, I am offering you together with Prof. Paulien’s DVD/CD albums, also my own popular DVD album on The Mark and Number of the Beast, for an additional $10.00, instead of the regular price of $100.00. This means that you can order the DVD and CD albums by Prof, Paulien, together with my DVD album on The Mark and Number of the Beast, for only $80.00, instead of the regular price of $260.00.


        This research on The Mark and Number of the Beast, was commissioned by Prof. Paulien himself. He asked me to trace historically the origin and use of the Pope’s title Vicarius Filii Dei and of the number 666. I spent six months conducting this investigation which was professionally taped at the Andrews University Towers Auditorium. I use 200 powerpoint slides to deliver this informative two hours lecture which is warmly received by Adventist church leaders and pastors in many parts of the world. For a detailed description of this DVD album click: http://www.biblicalperspectives.com/Beast/BeastPromo


Special Offer on Paulien/Bacchiocchi’s Albums:


* ONE DVD Album of Prof. Paulien’s four video lectures on Simply Revelation at the introductory price of $50.00, instead of $100.00. The price includes the airmailing  expenses to any overseas destination.


* ONE DVD Album of Simply Revelation and ONE CD Album with Prof. Paulien’s publications for only $70.00, instead of the regular price of $160.00. The price includes the airmailing  expenses to any overseas destination.


* ONE DVD Album of Simply Revelation,  ONE CD Album with Prof. Paulien’s publications, and ONE DVD Album with Bacchiocchi’s two hours video lecture on The Mark and Number of the Beast for only $80.00, instead of the regular price of $260.00. The price includes the airmailing  expenses to any overseas destination.


Four Ways to Order:


        (1)  Online: By clicking here: http://www.biblicalperspectives.com/revelation/


        (2)  Phone:  By calling us at (269) 471-2915 to give us your credit card number and postal address.


        (3)  Email:  By emailing your order to <sbacchiocchi@biblicalperspectives.com>.  Be sure to provide your  postal address, credit card number, and expiration date.   


        (4) Regular Mail: By mailing a check to  BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVES, 4990 Appian Way, Berrien Springs, Michigan 49103, USA. We guarantee to process your order immediately.




        The new edition Prof. Graeme Bradford’s book More than a Prophet with  20 additional pages, was released few weeks ago. Many churches have ordered the book by the case of 30 copies for only $150.00, that is, $5.00 per copy, instead of the regular price of $25.00. This book is urgently needed to restore confidence in the prophetic ministry of Ellen White by telling the truth about her divine revelations and her human limitations.


        The most gratifying responses have come from former Adventist. One lady wrote: “After reading More than a Prophet, I am seriously reconsidering returning to the Adventist church.” It is unfortunate that many Adventists have left the church, because they felt deceived about Ellen White. They could not reconcile in their mind that prophets do make mistakes. But Prof. Bradford compellingly shows that the mistakes found in the Bible or in the writings of Ellen White, do not negate the divine inspiration of their messages.


        For a detailed description of More than a Prophet,  together with the reviews and a picture of the book, click at this link: http://www.biblicalperspectives.com/BradfordOffer/offer.htm


        To facilitate the distribution of this timely book among your church members, we are offering you two things:


1) Special discount on quantity orders of the book. Only $5.00 per copy, instead of $25.00 for a case of 30 copies.


2) A FREE ALBUM of Prof. Bradford’s DVD with a live two hours lecture on Ellen White.  The DVD contains also a PDF file with all of Prof. Bardford’s books and articles. The regular price of the DVD album is $100.00, but you will receive it FREE with an order of 2 or more copies of More than a Prophet.


        The reason for offering a Free Album of Prof. Bradford’s DVD live lecture on Ellen White, is to give your members the opportunity to enjoy the highlights of the More than a Prophet.  After viewing the DVD, most members are eager to order the book.


Special Offer on More than a Prophet


        ONE COPY of  More than a Prophet for $20.00 (instead of $25.00), plus $5.00 for mailing in the USA, or $10.00 for airmailing overseas.


        TWO COPIES of More than a Prophet plus the DVD album with Prof. Bradford’s live two hours lecture on Ellen White, for $50.00 (instead of the regular price of $150.00). Add $10.00 for airmailing overseas.


        THIRTY COPIES of More than a Prophet plus the DVD album with Prof. Bradford’s live two hours lecture on Ellen White, for only $150.00, instead of the regular price of $850.00. The price includes the mailing in the USA.  Unfortunately as of May 14, 2007, the USA Post office no longer offers surface mail service for overseas. Everything must be sent AIRMAIL. The cost for airmailing a case of 30 books, is $95.00. Thus, the total cost for a case of 30 copies AIRMAILED overseas is $245.00. The advantage is that you will receive the case within a week.


Four Ways to Order:


        (1) Online: By clicking here: http://www.biblicalperspectives.com/BradfordOffer/offer.htm


        (2)  Phone:  By calling us at (269) 471-2915 to give us your credit card number and postal address.


        (3)  Email:  By emailing your order to <sbacchiocchi@biblicalperspectives.com>.  Be sure to provide your  postal address, credit card number, and expiration date.


        (4) Regular Mail: By mailing a check to  BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVES, 4990  Appian Way, Berrien Springs, Michigan 49103, USA. We guarantee to process your order immediately.




        Last February 2007, I was told that I had only a few months to live, because my liver was infested with a three pounds cancer tumor that could not be removed surgically. I contacted several cancer centers, and the verdict of all the oncologists with whom I spoke, was essentially the same: You have a stage four terminal cancer that cannot be operated.  We can only prolong your life of a few months with chemotherapy.


        In a providential way the Lord lead me to the unique Center for Cancer Care, in Goshen, Indiana that offers clinical trials on different forms of cancer not readily available in most cancer centers. They use a combination of chemo and microspheres. After two treatments, over 80% of the cancer cells were shut down. And now over 98% of the cancer activity has been eliminated.  I feel like a new man with a new lease on life.


        To express my gratitude to God for His providential healing through the Center for Cancer Care in Goshen, Indiana, I decided to post the information on how you can contact the Center. Over 150 Adventists have already contacted the Center. The Vice-President is Vladimir Radivojevic, who is a gracious and caring Adventist Christian gentleman.  Feel free to contact his secretary by phone or email.  This is the address:


Robyn R. Radford

Manager, Oncology Information Services

Center for Cancer Care at Goshen Health System

200 High Park Avenue

Goshen, IN  46526

Telephone:  574.535.2973

Toll Free:  866.491.HOPE

Fax:  574.535.2488



          If you or someone you know has cancer, feel free to contact Vladimir. He will talk with you personally, gather your information, and place you in contact with an oncologist who can examine your situation and give you a second opinion free of charge. Vladimir told me that he wants to help patients unable to come to their Center for Cancer Care, by asking physicians to evaluating the medical records free of charge to see if the current treatments are adequate or if one of their clinical trials programs could be of special help.




            Gradually I am rescheduling some of the invitations I had to cancel because of liver-cancer treatments. Here is a list of the upcoming weekend seminars for the months of  October and November:



Location:  1875 East Lincoln Avenue, Sunnyside, WA 98944.

For directions and information call Pastor Larry Mays at (509) 840 1932 or (509) 837 4233 or (509) 837 6411



Location: The East Ham SDA Church worships at Bryant Street Methodist Centre, Bryant Street, Stratford, London E14 4RU.

The Stratford SDA Church worships at 58 Janson Road (off Leytonstone Road) Stratford London E15 1TE.

For directions and information, call Pastor Leslie Ackie at 01279 427 558



Location: The Leeds SDA Church is located at 169 Meanwood Road corner of Oatland Place, Leeds LS7 1JW, Great Britain.

For directions and information call Pastor Ian Sweeney, 0114 286 9965.



Location:  Camp Hill Sparkbrook, Birmingham, West Midlands B12 OJP, Great Britain.

For directions and information call Pastor Jeffeth Nicholson at 01543 360253.



Location:  1410 W. Avon Boulevard, Avon Park, Florida 33825.

For directions and information call Pastor Paul Boling at (863) 453-6641, or (863) 635-6769.




        HITACHI has just released the new CP-X400 3000 lumens projector, which replaces the CP-X444.  The new projector has an impressive high resolution, low fan noise, and a wealth of connectivity options. The most impressive feature of this projector is the incredible price of only $1395.00 to help especially our churches and schools in developing countries.


This is the special offer on the following three models:


CP-X260 HIGH RESOLUTION 2500 LUMENS - Only $1095.00

          Previous SDA price for the 2500 lumens was $2395.00.


CP-X400 HIGH RESOLUTION 3000 LUMENS - Only $1395.00

          This is the lowest price for an HITACHI 3000 lumens projector.


CP-X1250 HIGH RESOLUTION 4500 LUMENS Only $3795.00

          Previous SDA price for the 4500 lumens was $4900.00.


WARRANTY: The above prices include a 3 years 24/7 replacement warranty worth about $285.00.


You can order the HITACHI projectors online by clicking at this link: http://www.biblicalperspectives.com/cart/catalog/index.php?cPath=24


If you have a problem ordering online, call us at (269) 471-2915.  We will take your order by phone. Your order will be processed immediately.




            If you are looking for an outstanding REMOTE for your PowerPoint presentations, you will be pleased to know HONEYWELL has just come out with the smallest and most powerful remote in the market.


        The size of the transmitter is smaller than a credit card. You can stick it inside the palm of your hand and nobody can see it. I tested the remote in an open environment, and the radio signal can go up to 400 feet of distance. IT IS INCREDIBLE! The transmitter has three button: forward, backward, and laser.


        You can order online the new POWERPOINT  PRESENTER simply by clicking here: http://www.biblicalperspectives.com/cart/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=27&products_id=67


        If you have a problem ordering online, simply call us at (269) 471-2915.  We will take your order by phone. You can also email us your order at <sbacchiocchi@biblicalperspectives.com>, giving us your address, credit card number, and expiration date.




        If your church/school is looking for a screen, the DA-LITE SCREEN COMPANY, the largest manufacture of screens in the world, has agreed to offer their line of screens to our Adventist churches and schools at about 30% discount.


        The procedure is very simple. Visit the DA-LITE SCREEN COMPANY website at http://www.da-lite.com. You will see hundreds of models of screens with their respective prices. Once you find the screen that you need, give us the model number by phone (269) 471-2915 or email your request <sbacchiocchi@biblicalperspectives.com> We will forward your order immediately to DA-LITE that will ship the screen directly to your address. You will receive the screen at about 30% discount.




        If your travel plans call for a stop in London, you will be pleased to learn about a most gracious Adventist couple that offer the best accommodation and breakfast I have ever enjoyed. It has become my home away from home when in London.  See details at: http://www.biblicalperspectives.com/Promotions/BED&BREAKFAST.htm




        TAGNET is the largest Adventist networking organization, providing an incredible number of webhosting services to our Adventist churches and members. This newsletter comes to you through their gracious and efficient service. For detail information, visit their website at http://www.netadventist.org or   http://home.tagnet.org/ You may also call their office 800 - 9TAGNET. They are ready and eager to help you.